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Kärcher is often mentioned as an example of the German economic power since the beginning of industrialization. Starting with developments in the heating sector, Alfred Kärcher soon began to bring his products to market. In 1950, Kärcher implemented the very first European hot-water pressure washer, and so, is considered a pioneer for burners today. Since 1962, Kärcher has also been expanding into the world, being well-known for several innovations in the field of home and garden. The company also has had carried on a phase of diversification, but soon has focused on high-pressure cleaning as well as general cleaning products, such as wet and dry vacuum cleaners, sweepers, scrubber dryers, car washing systems, steam cleaners, cleaning agents as well as drink water and wastewater treatment plants and many more .
Moreover, the manufacturer puts emphasis on its 40,000 service centers, which are supposed to ensure constant service to its customers worldwide. In addition to these, Kärcher offers the opportunity to comfortably download user guides from home via its official website. To identify the proper operating instruction, just follow the link below and type in either the product name or the product number.

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