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The British Belling company was founded in 1912 and looks back on a hundred years of experience in the field of home appliances. Belling offers a wide spectrum of high-quality and user-friendly products such as freestanding range cookers, built in ovens, dishwashers, microwaves and many more. Delivering excellent customer service is one of Belling`s company values. A comprehensive support area is available on the official website of Belling. How to download Belling user manuals? Find useful service information about Belling products, owner manuals, FAQ`s and more with the following link.

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Ideas + Know How:

Problem: Belling oven no power. The rest of the house has power.
Answer: First check the main fuse board in the house. If there is everything ok, please check if the belling oven has a digital timer. May be the oven stuck on automatic mode.

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